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5 Ways to Elevate Your B2B Marketing w/ Tish Millsap

Are you happy with your B2B marketing? Are your emails and digital ads getting ignored as quickly as you can get them out? Tish Millsap is CEO and S. Strategist at Revenate Marketing, and she’s spent a lot of time thinking about the world of B2B Marketing. Tish helps companies who are looking to elevate […]

Are You Missing Signs That You Need Attribution?

Attribution is a trending discussion topic since many of us have been burned in the past. Is not implementing attribution the right thing for us as B2B professionals? The top consultants in the attribution space are joining us to debate if and when people need attribution. Join us to hear what your options are when […]

Marketing Metrics: What’s the Goal?

Tish Millsap, Founder of Revenate Marketing, joins our host, Camela Thompson, in this episode of the Revenue Marketing Report. Tish shares her insights on the maturity continuum of marketing organizations, goals marketers should aspire to when it comes to reporting, and the crawl, walk and run approach to forecasting. Revenate Marketing is a consulting firm […]

How to rock a small budget like a Fortune 500 powerhouse

Small budget + small team = limited marketing options, right?  Notsomuch. You can (and will) make the most of your small budget with a little advice that’s actionable and doable. Are big marketing budgets all that different anyway? When I worked for Monster, the global marketing budget was around $250 million per year. So, in […]

Know what to test —and successfully

Now that you’re ready to test, it’s time to decide what to test. But there are some pitfalls to testing as well. So, in this post, we’ll also take a look at some of the most common pitfalls and also how they can be mitigated. What should you test? I have used this handy table […]

Is Testing Really Worth It? Word of caution

Everywhere you look in marketing, people are talking about testing. Testing is the best way to get better results! Testing and Learn, they say. But testing takes time and effort. Before diving in, you need to ask yourself: should I be testing in the first place? For example, if you’re testing content offers (perhaps an […]

Three Proven Ways to (Significantly) Build Your Contact Database

Doesn’t it seem like you receive emails filled with tips and tricks promising to grow your list all the time? Sure, there’s lots you can do – from adding forms to your website, pop-up windows and refer-a-friend campaigns – but, while these are great tactics, each one of those efforts are only going to drive […]


Language of Business

Revenating marketing by speaking the language of business In the past few years, Marketing has gotten really focused on metrics, right? We’ve all reported on all the great things we’re doing. For example, 600 people registered for a conference; page views have increased by 30% YOY; our email open rates have doubled. It’s been exciting […]

Testing Types

5 Types of Testing Every Marketer Needs to Know  Testing—why does it simultaneously fill marketers with equal amounts of fear and anticipation? If done well, testing is a marketer’s friend—and it can help you continually improve your campaigns and bottom-line results. Let’s embrace it…but how? The first step is to understand your testing options and […]

Attribution Models

Marketing Cheat Sheet: The Pros & Cons of Attribution Models  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, US department store merchant (1838 – 1922) In the data-driven windfall that is marketing today, it’s easy to see why marketers have fallen head over […]